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Anne Rongas

Note: This is an old wiki (copy from Wikispaces) that I used between 2006 and 2008.

I'm a guidance counsellor and a teacher from south eastern corner of Finland (living in Miehikkälä municipality middle in the forest near by a lake), working at Kotka High School for Adults. My subjects are psychology, philosophy, religion, ethics and media education. Adult high school takes my evenings. At the daytime I'm working with an ICT in education -project in our province (with 800 teachers).

Why am I interested in using ICT in education? The first thing is that we are having distance education in our school. Our financial situation is difficult as the city is sparing money. Wikis, blogs, podcasts and other social web services are a good and cheap answer.

I live in countryside (in a farm) and I have myself studied a lot in the Internet. Mostly disappointed. So that is one reason why I myself started to try all kind of new digital things in my instruction. You cannot lock learning process in the classroom.

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